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Sharpe Security Consulting is a loss prevention and risk management company that focuses on the safety, security and compliance needs of your business. Our company’s mission is to provide your business with the necessary tools to fight against theft, operational issues, and external/internal theft. We focus on the design, development & implementation, execution of our Loss prevention/Risk Mitigation plans to prevent loss and increasing profitability.

The two most valuable assets for any business is their product and cash, these two categories are vulnerable to both internal and external theft. Most businesses don’t prepare in advance to address these common issues, they react when a problem arises. We are the proactive approach to reducing the number of theft issues, and creating a safe and customer friendly environment.


Our company will help companies find solutions to these problems through proper implementation and execution of our safety, security & compliance plans. Our safety and security plans include, standard operating procedures that help create a system of checks and balances to identify anomalies as they occur. State of the art camera systems that include data analysis, and remote viewing via mobile application. Being able to identify opportunities as they occur will allow for a more proactive approach to the safety and security of your business. Waiting until theft or a loss occurs is a reactive approach to losses created by internal and external theft. Sharpe Security Consulting has the knowledge paired with technology to assist your company with developing proactive solutions to theft and loss that occurs daily.



Keonda Buford is a Business & Security Consultant, who founded Sharpe Security Consulting a Michigan based Loss Prevention/ Risk Assessment company in 2015. Prior to Sharpe Security Consulting, Keonda spent over 12 years working as a security and operations professional in the home improvement, manufacturing, and retail industries. Keonda has a clear understanding of safety, security and compliance as it relates to security and business operations.

During Keonda’s career within the security industry she managed business & security operations for organizations that generated revenue of 25-30 million dollars. She was able to identify gaps, create solutions and translate security issues into value added improvements that created revenue and prevented loss of assets. She started Sharpe Security Consulting a security consulting service that focuses on the safety, security & compliance needs of the companies that lack loss prevention/risk management programs.


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